#7 - TRANSFORMATION - change your mindset, Body and Soul

Hey! I’m doing amazing.

I just had a little epiphany driving into my garage over the week end with the groceries in the trunk. Nothing special, I was looking like my usual disheveled week ender self after a trip at the grocery store. I just thought to myself and actually caught myself saying out loud, “I’m doing amazing.” Then I said, “I am amazing.” I’m doing shit all on my own that very few people I know do.

Yes I', a work in progress, yes I still have a hard time with my work flow, specially during any holiday when I’m Full-On Mommy mode [Blog #4 TIRED], yes I’m massively learning as I go for my Blog and Podcast and going through the process of funneling my ideas and hopefully Marie Kondo’ing the rest of my world into neatly little triangle shaped jeans (I mean, has anyone EVER done that?) knowing full well this will never happen but it's nice to be inspired. I don't even know that I'd want to live in a Kondo world.

There has been a shift in my way of thinking about things that is helping me transform into the person that I want to become.

Transforming your life, from lightening up your closet to changing your whole outlook of it, is a deliciously slow-cooking jam but with hundreds of little steps in the recipe before it's done.

For cleaning up your closet, Poshmark is an online clothing market place that is a bit daunting but everything, and i mean everything is for sale there. I've signed up and taken loads of pictures of stuff to get rid of, creating space in my closet for new, better and smarter clothes that feel comfortable for my body type. No more compromises with clothes [TOMBOY]. So we'll see how that goes... Have you tried it?

The RealReal is awesome even though they take a big cut on bigger brand names. But the time you save by not having to take care of anything but putting your clothes/bags in the box they provide is worth the cut...

But mostly, the Transformation I'm definitely proud of today is that for once, I’m patting myself on the back realizing I’m doing good. Without truly putting the finger on what that is.

And folks, this is years in the making.

My a-ha moment came after meeting and reading Lauren Zander’s book Maybe It’s You: Cut The Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life.

Totally my kind of talk.

This is a bad ass chick who hits you hard in the stomach.

All that shit that you’ve been whining and complaining about over the years? Guess what? It’s your fault. Et oui! You’ve put it all on yourself, that guy you’re not supposed to be with and don’t know why you’re still in that relationship? Your fault. That job you hate but still stay in it despising your boss to the point of nausea? Your decision. Umf! that’s a hard hit.

Of course, I’m exaggerating a little here. She has an amazing step-by-step method to get you to own your life so you can achieve your goals and live the life you were meant to be living. You’ll be reading the words of a No-Nonsense Babe you wish was your awesome aunt that you don’t see too often, only at holiday suppers, so she can put your head space back where it belongs.

But when you realize that you’ve been part of the problem all along, that nothing has in the end been imposed upon you but rather you let it happen, a huge weight lifts off your shoulders and life becomes colorful again. Because now you know there’s something you can do about it, you don’t need to wait for things to change anymore. Just as the title says, when you learn to get your head out of your ass, you’re good.

(Note to self, I should really reach out to her to get her on my podcast. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to miss her cuss, she’s one of those bulldogs with lip-gloss but with feathers in her hair, Burning Man bad ass life coach. Delish.)

So that’s what I meant in my previous blog posts [TOOLS, TASTY MORNINGS] that when you learn to see things with a different pair of eyes, you learn to take control of your narrative and curious things such as happiness start to happen.

Even if your circumstances haven’t drastically changed, you can decide how they will affect you. It is up to each of us to see the world with the right pair of glasses. Not twisted and sometimes short-sighted pairs.

My other love story with Transformation is inspired by Cara Alwill Leyba's The Champagne Diet . She’s a couple years younger than me but boy does she have maturity, insight and flair? Her words in her Style Your Mind podcast speak to me like we’re sitting on a sofa sipping champagne (because that's her thing and I hate wine) and she’s giving the bff but smart rundown of my situation. I’ve even tried her work book and can’t wait to dive into Like She Owns The Place which came out this past summer.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could accept failure, cellulite, wrinkles, imperfection, screw-ups, and vulnerability? - Like She Owns the Place Cara Alwill Leyba

If you’re in need of an action-based yet gentle kick to your derriere, this is the woman for you. Her Podcast helps you design your thoughts, meaning change your optics of life which is exactly what I’m talking about in this post. She brings you to ask yourself the right questions on your way of thinking, on your goals in your career and your aspirations as a person. Pure sugar-free candy because yes, as the name of her site suggests it, she’s all about finding the right Diet for you, in all things, not just food.

Another potential podcast guest, let’s see.

I’m ALL about improvements, empowerment and Transformation.

I’m in the thick of it myself and am comforted in sharing my insecurities and my journey with all of you. I’m tired of seeing perfect Instagram feeds with perfect people who made it all nice and square. Life isn’t this way and I want it dirty and ugly, ‘warts and all’ to be shared because that’s when you truly realize you’re not alone. That’s when you can relate and realize you can make the change instead of just sitting there wishing you had it all figured out like those immaculate impossibilities. I'm not alone and you're not alone.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow who dares to display it her way, with tact and grace. Her life is not perfect and she makes a point of it. For goodness sake, she’s a superstar with everything yet her life has gone to shits many times over. And look at her, she is leading the way to showing us all she’s a human being just like everyone else and this idea of glossy on the outside is annoying and doesn’t serve anyone.

And if you have the $$ for it, she will be in NYC for her east cost Wellness Summit In Goop Health March 8-10th.

It looks amazing with different cutting-edge panelists, restorative workshops and classes and of course great healthy food with probably weird ingredients you’ve never heard of but will be blindfully willing to try.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and embrace Transformation and let’s look ourselves in the mirror gently and intently because we are all amazing in our difference.

En avant toute*,


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