The 5 TOP workout leggings for TALL legs

Goodness knows how IMPORTANT a good pair of legging is.

And when you’re uber tall, not easy to find. The length is the killer. Really. Only a few brands will have them come all the way down to the ankles. Usually, it’s a mid-calf situation that leaves a major indent in the skin for what seems like the whole day, because what’s supposed to be at the ankle is strangling the calf. Meaning on any summer day, one has to think hard on which legging to wear at the gym before baring the legs for the day.

When you find the length, then the waist in still too low, potentially flashing your butt crack at any squat, leaving you pulling the damn thing up in a unsexy manner throughout the workout. Or getting yourself in the nasty situation of stretching the fabric so much doing your Child's Pose that it quickly becomes R rated, not childlike at all...

But we can happily report that leggings paradise does exist, finally, for all.

Here are ML's favs, high enough at the waist, long enough in the legs.

. K-Deer: cool stripes, funky colors that look and feel amazing.

Their All-Inclusive Sizing, going from XS to 4XL, does seem to inadvertently include tall women, surely unintentionally because they definitely don’t talk about height in their marketing. But no matter, we won’t hold it against them because their pairs are funky and light yet make you feel covered (meaning it doesn’t magically become see-through when stretched doing squats or child’s pose – the worst view!). The inseam says 29" which sounds short for any 35"-37" situation we usually have. But the stretch in the fabric makes it work, those will cover your ankles nicely and are amazingly city-cool. Wear any of their leggings with a long sweater and knee-high leather boots and you rock.

. Height Of Fashion: the amazing Nathalie Matthews knows how frustrating it can be finding clothes. Listen to our T-FACTOR Podcast Episode to hear about her experience and get a healthy does of positive vibes. At 6’3”, she’s launched her own clothing line, smartly including the best workout legging. High enough at the waste (above belly button!) and long enough in the legs. We’ve posted about those leggings before, having the added bonus of being super forgiving, hiding all imperfections. The fabric is that good! If you’re 6’1” and above, you must own one, period. HOF ships internationally from Australia. Shop their new Black Power Leggings and use our code TFACTOR15 for some added love valid until Christmas!

. Year of Ours: their ribbed fabric is super stretchy and giving. Those leggings are super soft and high waisted for optimum movement sans worries.

. Alo: Hello! The first ever leggings that actually reach below the ankle. Meaning with their Goddess leggings, we can finally pretend to be awesome yogis or dancers like all those cute influencers who pull their leggings down to mid-foot. I reckon those leggings would fit the tallest ones of you all.

. Zen Ryze: these are crazy long leggings! I have had a chance to talk with the founder of this brand. Having worked with Volley Ball players for a long time, he understands the 'problem' of finding proper leggings. He decided to create the ultimate sports legging for the woman between 5'10" and 6'10". The quality is amazing and squat proof. I wear a size XS which is shocking as it looks so tight but it works and makes everything hold up nicely. This is a high quality legging that is worth the investment.

We hope you find this information helpful and please reach out to us if you have any more TIPS on long leggings. We'll make sure to mention your insights as well to help as many women possible out there feel deservedly amazing.

Enjoy your workouts!

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