As I was concocting my smoothie this morning, I figured I should be recording this so I can post it later to my Instagram feed or do something with it.

Then I thought of course that there’s always tomorrow and I’ll do it next time instead and this is weird anyways and I’m too old for this shit (I’m actually finishing up a song right now about exactly just that silliness – called Social Case, in the same vein as my track I Don’t Have Time For This S#!t. So if you liked that track, as so many of you did, I know this one will ring a bell too. Stay tuned:)

What was really underlying this hesitation was why would I post a smoothie story? I don’t even like smoothies!!

At least not until now.

I know why I’ve started doing smoothies in the morning.

Being bound to a gluten free diet, breakfast has become boring anyways. There’s so much overnight chia seeds my palate can pretend to like.

And now that my tummy feels so much better thanks to gluten downsizing, I can eat fruits again which is a game changer. Fruit is a taste I yearned for for perhaps over 15 years so now it’s smoothie galore, all colors of the rainbow.

Knowing that you've given yourself the opportunity for delicious fruits and vitamins on the onset of your day gives you control over the rest of it.

I also read somewhere that you should fast your tummy for 16 hours straight to not only lose weight but generate a new-found energy that can and will surprise you. I’ve been so tired lately, I’m still trying to turn the page to sluggishness but for many reasons, that page is damn heavy. [see Blog #4]

I know it’ll all be good soon (I’m doing Hot Yoga in the morning, salvation!). And the good news is at least I’m not wishing things were different. I’m actually doing something about it, even if I still think it’s not fast enough. But i know what to do.

So, intermittent fasting can do wonders. Being the cheater that I am, I figured a coffee and a smoothie during that time wouldn’t hurt and it doesn’t really count... After all, I will NEVER fast for 16hrs straight. At least not for the long run.

That said, I’m so desperate right now to get back on track with more energy that I’m even considering going back to doing some Bullet Proof Coffee here and there, but with the fasting this time (no smoothie) for maximum boost. But I’m a bit wary, and here's why.

Have you ever tried Bullet Proof Coffee??

Ok. Here’s my take on it.

Fyi, Bullet Proof Coffee is this special organic coffee made from the purest coffee beans on the planet only found in that one spot in Ecuador or something like that, shaded by that one tree that’s nowhere else to be found.

You brew that for 4 minutes minimum because that’s how long it takes for the caffeine to actually release (so your espressos and cappuccinos are basically BS). Then you add 2tbsp of organic butter or Ghee from that one cow in Ireland, then you add Brain Octane Oil which is some coconut oil and you blend this mess up and oddly enough you end up with a milky looking coffee that’s a little bitter but surprisingly decent to drink.

Then… you fasten your seatbelts.

I advise you to wear a T-Shirt disclaimer that states “Watch Out, I’ve Taken a Bullet Proof Coffee” or “Don’t Hate Me For What I Say Or Do While On Bullet Proof Coffee”.

I’ve never tried cocaine but I’ve been around and seen many people who were using cocaine so I know what it looks like. It’s not pretty. That’s why I never tried it. I think if you’re going to go through the trouble of doing drugs, you might as well do the happy ones that make you love everyone and enjoy the music rather than end up a bone fide asshole. Wouldn’t you agree?

Bullet Proof Coffee is the soft, legal version of cocaine. Or perhaps similar to the speed housewives took in the 50’s to lose weight. So i guess yes it does the trick to boost your energy.

Don’t ask me how or why, but you end up getting in a jittery high energy for two hours that 1) make you clench your teeth (I thought that was E?) and 2) speak at the speed of a bullet train, no pun intended.

When I was trying this out, I used to always make sure not to schedule phone calls during the first two hours after taking the damn potion, just in case. Coming down from those two hours however is smooth and puts you exactly in the place where you want to be, good energy with sharp focus. So you see, there must be a good reason it has so much success. They've now branched out to so many products that it's actually worth revisiting the concept, or at least use what sounds attainable.

Since this year for me is about comfort all around, meaning being gentler to my body and kinder to my brain, I think I’ll stick to the Ultimate Elixir and all the pieces of advice I’ve received from some readers to up my energy.

I’ll add that Apple Cider Vinegar morning routine before my smoothies (yuck!) or lemon and hot water (yuckierrrr!) and see what goes. And I’ll create my vitamin regimen of B12 and Iron and other stuff and see how that goes as well.

I found my intention for posting about smoothies. Yes I want to keep myself in shape, yes I want to feel comfortable in my clothes and not tight, yes I love how easy this breakfast can be and I still feel I’m not really cheating on my fast. I encourage you all to give your shakes a little shake to give your taste buds a little party each morning and your tummy a little rest before who knows what comes your way for lunch or dinner. Comfort is all about control.

I make it a point to preparing the smoothy the night before so I just need to blitz away in the morning. I’ve started adding Lucuma powder from Navitas Organics for a bit of sweetness and Spirulina powder for that added protein/hydrating/antioxidant/anti-inflammatory algae goodness. Although it smells like period (or perhaps what Amy Schumer talks about so well in her Netflix Special - please watch), apparently it’s a wonder food, gram for gram the most nutrient packed food on the planet, period. I’m trying to muster the courage to add more and more of it in the smoothies because of its attribute that fights anemia - something common when you don’t eat meat – which leads to fatigue.

My tasty mornings have become experiments worth playing around with.

I can’t recommend more Ella Woodward’s books on vegan cooking. She’s the cutest little package of an English rose girl mixed in with a Vegan power house who explains in detail why she HAD to become vegan to save her life (literally!) and helps you find your way to becoming vegan-ier yourself without being preachy and without 30 ingredients of things you never heard of before per recipe.

I make her almond butter religiously at home, add a big dollop to my smoothies from time to time. This almond butter paired with her strawberry/coconut sugar jam is to die for on gluten free toast, but that would be not fasting.

Her smoothies booklet is my go-to inspiration for my concoctions.

Get used to her because you will see me write about her often here on the T-Factor because I totally feel her and I think we could be besties. I love her tone in the books, I love to tap into her recipes here and there without changing my life drastically. And she got big on the early being a pioneer in food apps with Deliciously Ella. This app will have you salivate on actual Vegan recipes! Who knew that could even be possible!

So do yourself a favor and make your OWN almond butter. Literally 2 ingredients, almonds and salt. Et voila, whaaaaaatttt?

I’m wishing you a happy, tasty week ahead. I love to share my good tips with you and I hope you find the blog posts fun yet instructive. And more importantly, I love to learn from you.

Please leave a comment below with your little tips on tasty breakfasts that don’t make you crash early in the morning. As always, share the wealth (I think that's my motto for the blog!)

Message me at contact@t-factor.online or DM me, I love to hear from you.

A bientôt,


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