Rock your Office Wear

If you're anything like me, always on the go between appointments and obligations, it is important to be comfortable in your work gear.

Thankfully, these brands below make a work day in the city breeze like a charm. In NYC, I'd mostly be walking for my meetings but here in London, things are more spread out. So proper walking shoes are essential. And the weather is so predictably unpredictable (i.e. rain and shine several times a day is common) you better have the right size bag for your foldable umbrella, gloves and work essentials without breaking your back.

A Tall Girl's Tail:

Walking out the door today with the perfect cross-body bag from Chanel.

Fact: the hardest thing for a tall girl is to find a sling bag that's got a long enough strap.

This one here is the perfect length and can actually go even longer!

If you want to invest in one piece that screams Perfect, this is the one. It fits my work Ipad with keyboard and Pencil, my folding umbrella, my gloves and of course, my phone and airbuds.

Click here for The Real Real version of the bag, and here for the Vestiaire Collective.

Fact: finding a denim shirt is nearly impossible. Until now:-) My girl Natalie Matthews at Height-Of-Fashion will take care of you. I mean, look at the length in the arms

and body! I know for sure this is not the last time you'll see me in this staple piece. We all need a denim shirt wouldn't you say? And that's the first one that truly fits and the quality is amazing. Well done Natalie. At 6'3", she knows how frustrating it is to find sexy and empowering pieces. Have a listen to our conversation on her brand and how amazingly inspiring she is owning her height and making a difference with her brand on her T-Factor Podcast Episode.

Zara is a definite go-to place for me. Of course, only a few pieces fit but with a bit of rummaging there are good pieces to be found, like this 3/4 sleeves jacquard jacket. 3/4 sleeves are the perfect faking-it solution for long arms.

Here's link to a similar jacket and the bow. Love that bow!

These boots in size 42 (US11) are this winter's go-to shoes, keeping me clear from the wet London streets. It is pretty common now to find size 42 online, if not in stores as well. And I've even seen size 43 (US12) here and there, but that's really uncommon. Here are some similar Zara boots.

I promise in my Fashion blog description that

i'll always be showing you the TRUE length of

items. Always untucked, not raising the sleeves, showing the length of the pants. Unless... something doesn't quite work for a Tall girl but I still wear it because there are tricks to be done that can make it work.

In this instance here, those Aritzia leggings are quite short on my legs so I do need to tuck them inside the boots. But, they are SO comfortable and stretchy that they are worth sharing. Just tuck them in your boots in winter or wear them with low rise sneakers in the spring and you're good.

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