Hump Day Bliss in London

When you have a rear and front view of your work week and To-Do's = Bliss.

I take the time to enjoy a spot of sunshine, as they say in the UK, with my doggie Cooper. He is, after all, very British my Cavalier King Charles. Someone told me that this breed is accepted everywhere in London, by Royal decree! You can take them to restaurants and stuff, anywhere. I haven't personally tried but perhaps I will now that the weather is getting better (slowly) and the little guy won't come home covered in rain or mud.

I have fallen in love with these Jeggings from Amalli Talli. The two sisters/designers Amy and Alli understand, and state loud and clear they "have experienced a lifetime of frustrations trying to find clothing that fit in the general market". To that effect, they created a brand of essential pieces with the right proportions in mind.

They are an inspiring bunch indeed and I was thrilled to have them on my T-Factor Podcast last Spring. We had a candid conversation on our experiences being tall and they managed to make me, the interviewer (!), cry. Which was not supposed to happen!

A Tall Girl's Tale:

Fact: the hardest thing to find in tall garments are the right proportions.

For example, this jegging right here doesn't just have some extra length to the overall inseam. The knee details are exactly there, at the knee and not above the knee as most so-called Tall sections in the mainstream market would offer. Also, they rise pretty high at the waist, adding to overall comfort.

I live in these jeggings, dressy enough to pass as leggings for walking around town and loungy enough to be super comfortable to hang at home or walk Cooper!

This season, I've really come to enjoy that rusty color. I'm glad to pair my got-to Zara turtleneck with the cute Ba&sh suede sling bag. Heads up, the strap might be too short. I bought one of those leather punchers to add an extra hole. I'm nervous to use it on this pretty bag, afraid to ruin it. But i'll definitely keep you posted if and when I use it. Because it could be an amazing tool for a tall girl to have. Here's the one I have from Amazon.

I'm also wearing this brand that I discovered a while back in the Hamptons, J.McLaughlin. Granted, the cardigan's sleeves are on the short side but i like the length of the body, it's amazing quality with a thick wool mix fabric and a center leather strap. This screams fall and spring and I'll definitely feature more of their stuff in the future, specially their summer dresses which are cut as a generous one size fits all silhouette which works for tall women (certainly unbeknownst to them!). Here are similar cardigans I found on Amazon or on the J. McLaughlin website.

I hope you enjoyed this quick read, part of my first Fashion posts. Use code TFACTOR15 on Amalli Talli to get your Spring fix!

I've also created our first Pinterest Boards, go have a look and let's keep the Tall Inclusive fashion conversation going!

Hugs plenty,


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