Episode #3 Katja Bavendam and Jessica Chick

In this episode, you will discover how Reality TV star and 6'8" Katja Bavendam embraces her height with grace and pride. Jessica Chick is a delicious 6'2" Floridian who's "in the business of tall' and tells it like it is. Listen to MarieLine and her guests have a conversation about hormone therapy to stop growing, dating (men and women), Tall fetishism, height little lies and much more.

Katja Bavendam (far Left) with the cast of My Giant Life and Wendy Williams

. Katja had a Division 1 and an international career as a Basketball player. She was one of the tallest players on the circuit.

. She appears in the three seasons of My Giant Life on TLC.

. There is only one store in the world where Katja finds her clothes, in Germany.

Feeling small next to Jessica (Left) and Katja.

. Jessica Chick is a strong woman living in a man's world of finance. You will learn how she's managed to use her height to her advantage in the work place and elsewhere.

. She is a no-nonsense colorful spirit who will definitely make you laugh.

It was a pleasure spending time with both of them being vulnerable and talking about some surprising truths.

Show Notes:

Katja Bavendam:

Discover her beautiful writing and soul on her website www.katjabavendam.com


Fashion discussed:

Anthropologie, Long Tall Sally, Egu

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