Episode #10: TAKEAWAYS on taking ownership of your narrative with bad-ass Life Coach Lauren Zander

Co-Founder of the Handel Group, Life Coach, Author with a knack for unforgiving Truths, Lauren Zander will pull the carpet right from underneath your feet. The result?

A hard look at yourself in the mirror, a deep understanding of where you come from and a chance at building your dream life once and for all. Lauren is one of the most accomplished Life Coaches in the world and sought-after Lecturer, including Tedx. Her Handel Method is dedicated to teaching people how to realize their personal and professional vision. Its curriculum is taught at MIT and many other institutions around the world, including Stanford Graduate School of Business and NY Public Schools. Its success speaks for itself. But beware, as I mention in my TRANSFORMATION - Change your mindset, body and soul blog post, this is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are ready to dare to dream big, take ownership of their lives and live their dreams.

. Lauren's clients list includes Forbes top 500, celebrities (some she mentions in our episode:-), power couples and countless entrepreneurs from all over the world.

. I met Lauren 4 years ago and was lucky enough to have a few sessions with her. She's my kind of gal, swears just as much as I do and got me on track to changing my whole perspective on life.

Episode Takeaways:

. Discover Lauren's passion to changing the world one human at a time and being at the forefront of the Emotional Revolution.

. Listen to Lauren describe the Handel Method and what it can do for your confidence. Find out what "brat", "chicken" and "goodie bags" have in common.

. Learn how to heighten the stakes to live a life of authenticity and sacredness. The time for letting yourself down is over.

. How to identify and denounce your inner dialogue that hasn't been serving you.

. Find out Lauren's tips on understanding your past ("Physical and Emotional DNA") and putting the finger on the Why which will allow you to change your narrative.

. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to listen to this episode and check her out.

Show Notes: 

. Learn to Human Better with Lauren Zander's online coaching course, Inner.U.

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. Instagram @handelgroup

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