Ep. 9: TAKEAWAYS on using your voice and standing tall w/ 6'3" Leadership Coach Lawrese Brown

It's always a pleasure to have guests on the podcast who have made it their life's work to help others empower themselves with tools and programs. Lawrese Brown is one of those people who clearly articulate how you should take up space in the room and use your voice with efficiency and accuracy. Ironically, at 6'3", Lawrese had to learn to do just that. She is now training students and clients to engage productively and ask for what they want.

Meeting Lawrese at the Wing in Soho

. Lawrese is the Founder of C-Track, a career skills program that's implemented in companies and schools.

. Considered a true coach, she helps hundreds with soft skills through programs and courses intended to empower students and clients take their career to the next level.

. Lawrese wasn't always tall. She's known life as two different people, normal height until she had growth spurts in her teens. So interesting and what an advantage!

. She explains how she felt unseen for years when all that was expected of her was to be a basketball player because of her height and skin color.

It was a pleasure meeting Lawrese. She and I grew up in different parts of the world and yet we can absolutely relate to one another with this commonality of height and misconception society may have on that.

Show Notes:

Follow all the amazing work Lawrese does on her Instagram @lawrese

Or if you have LinkedIn, this is her: LinkedIn

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