Ep. 8: How to challenge perception when queer & out of the norm w/ Performer Daniel "Jomama" Jones

I can safely say there is a before and after meeting Daniel "Jomama" Jones.

To start, how can you fall for both a man and a woman who are the same person? Because that's what happened watching her show and meeting him for our interview. It cannot have been easy for a queer, mixed race boy to grow up in a small town in Massachusetts. Is that why he created his alter-ego Jomama to feel stronger and express his feminine side safely?

Both versions of David Alexander Jones are powerful, impressive, knowledgeable and so in tune with who they are at the chore. It is refreshing and we have so much to learn from this Theater Fellow at Fordham University. This person knows emotions and is not afraid to share his truths to our delight.

Jomama Jones and her back up vocalists at Joe's Pub, Public Theater in NYC

. Her Show Black Light was performed for 6 weeks straight at the acclaimed venue Joe's Pub.

. Jomama is about 6'7" when she's in full regalia, platform shoes, wig and all.

. Daniel is a scholar at the renowned Fordham University in NYC, teaching Theater.

In this episode:

. Discover how Daniel found his voice.

. Find out how you can control and even challenge the perception of yourself.

. Learn from his experience and with his words how to live in a higher vibration of yourself.

. Be inspired to always be a student of life.

Show Notes:

. www.danielalexanderjones.com

. @danielalexanderjones

. @msjomamajones

"We perform ourselves with fashion!" - Daniel Alexander Jones.

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