Ep. 13: Tall girls on a mission to spreading Self-Love with 6'4" and 5'10" sister designers

This is an emotional episode for ML. Hearing Amy Rosenthal from Amalli Talli talk about the debilitating effect her own perception of her difference had on her, it felt like Amy was telling ML's story.

Meet ex-volleyball players, 6'4" Amy Rosenthal and 5'10" Amy Black, Founders of Amalli Talli, a Tall Fashion brand dedicated to women with shopping difficulties. Tired of living in a world that didn't take their height into serious and kind consideration, the sisters show vulnerability and power to help themselves and their community change their narrative. As they put it "when style + fit come together, it is truly life changing." Their willingness to share their experience is what attracts so many tall gals, and ML!, into their world.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this episode for many aha moments.

. Amy was a Division 1 Volleyball player!

. Both girls had no experience in fashion before starting their brand 5 years ago.

. After some changing room melt downs and overall despair not finding adequate clothes, the sisters listened to their entrepreneurial father who advised them to just start their own tall fashion business.

And voila!

. After the success of their brand in the US and some overseas countries, their customers kept coming back with questions and advice on dealing with height. They decided to launch a blog to create a safe space to share experiences.

Ooh, sounds familiar!!?

In this Episode:

. At 5'10", it is possible to want to be taller!

. Hear Amy's struggles with her height which profoundly affected her confidence level.

. A T-Factor moment shared with Amy and Alli who also agree that the luxury of time and reflection transform one's perception of oneself and one's past.

. Find out what height is considered tall to fit in a tall fashion brand, you'd be surprised!

Show Notes:

. Blog: More Than My Height

"Our goal is to change the overwhelming negative narrative around being a tall girl (#tallgirlproblems) and to have more women see, feel and speak about their height in a super positive way (#tallbopo)."

. Shop: Amalli Talli for amazing denim (grab their last Faux-leather black leggings quickly!) and other good finds. Use code TFACTOR15 for a 15% off the whole online store.







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