Ep. 12: 3 Takeaways on how to Thrive in your difference with some of our best episodes

In this week's episode, you will hear the best of what T-Factor has to offer. Relive moments from some of the best episodes with 6'8" Realtiy TV personality Katja Bavendam, Supermodel Diandra Forrest and almost 6'3" Dr. Lea de Franscici-Lis that will remind you of the best ways to thrive in your difference.

Episode Takeaways :

. Listen how 6'8" Katja Bavendam learned to be proud and comfortable with her height, even in the NYC subway (although she tells us about the one thing that does get to her once in a while on the train).

. Dr. D. who is almost 6'3", is an example to us all on how to educate the next generations to be fair and proud. She gives us a clear pointer on how to advocate gracefully.

. Revisit how Supermodel with Albinism Diandra Forrest advocates for her difference gracefully.

Show Notes:

. Salif Keita Global Foundation : the fair treatment and social integration of people with Albinism.

. International Albinism Awareness Day - United Nations June 13th

. Follow Shameless Psychiatrist Dr. D. Her blog is just awesome, full of spicy insights and useful knowledge on raising happy children and how to talk to them about sex.

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