6 Tips to boost your immune system Fast

In this uncertain period, I find that keeping up with your health routines as much as possible become paramount. No more gym? Take a run outside. No more yoga studio? Use yoga apps to keep you motivated. My favorite one is Yoga Studio.

Below are 6 TIPS for boosting your immune system, for you and your family, instantly.

Some of these tips come from reading a book that I picked up at my local Yoga studio here in Chelsea called Prajna, Ayurvedic rituals for happiness by Mira Manek. I was inspired to read more about Ayurveda after listening to Gisele Bundchen's informative and aptly entitled auto-biographic book Lessons. And also after talking with the founder of Bija Essence, an Essential Oils brand that I swear by, so much so that we'll be offering it for sale very shortly here in my Shop.

1. Drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning in a copper glass,

from a copper mug. Let tap water sit overnight. You'll see the tap water's taste will be gone and it'll taste more like mineral water. But the best thing is that Copper is know to help your gut and fights infections from the inside. This one here is the one I have. I keep one in my bedroom for myself and one in the kitchen for the children to drink their glass before breakfast.

2. Add Mushrooms Powder to your smoothies or hot chocolate. My favorite brand is Biotona Fung-Immun which has little taste and mixes perfectly well in hot cocoa.

Boosted Hot Cocoa Recipe for the whole family:

1 mug warm plant based milk

1 tbsp Navitas 100% cocoa powder

1 tsp Coconut Sugar

1 tsp Biotona Fung-Immun

3. Take Vitamin D2K3. This is the best D Vitamin to take for real absorption.

Luckily, there is the adult version, Quicksilver Scientific Nanoemulsified is the one I use. And there's a kids version, in our house we use Pure.

4. Echinacea is a must. I use Herb Pharma droplets in water or tea. I use the kids' version for the children, Herb Pharm Kids or eatable tablets.

5. Stock up on Homeopathic Medicine. In case of any symptoms, runny nose, cough or cold symptoms, take Coldcalm, Occilococcinum and Throat Calm from Boiron. This is a French brand of Homeopathic medicine. As I grew up in France, I am very used to using this line of products and they work. No BS. But they only work if you take them as directed. Pay close attention to the directions. Of course, it will not defeat getting Coronavirus but it'll help not getting a further cold if indeed that's all you have and lower your ability to fight.

My children are used to taking these products and these have been life savers during rough NYC winters.

6. Adopt a Cold shower habit, try every day, but definitely hold it up to a minute if you manage. This is something I knew about, having a Swedish mother and knowing about cold showers after a Sauna. But "Iceman" Wim Hof is suggesting to add this strengthening technique to your body, your psyche and your skin every day. The idea is to learn how to breathe in a difficult situation, teaching your mind to self-regulate. Try it, and thank me later. It's a power boost all around. Check out the Goop Lab episode on Netlfix that covers that topic.

We are living a new reality. Remember the mind needs to be as strong as the body to have a fighting chance. Give yourself time, create clear habits in your every day life to boost your mood and move your body. I want to hear about your habits to keep safe and sane, DM on Instagram so we can chat!

Sending you air kisses and elbow pumps,


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