Tall Fashion Here I come - 5 TIPS for Tall women

Launching the T-Factor world has helped me find the most AMAZING brands that cater to Tall people! It's actually the most exciting part of what i do, to find the little gems that give a little sparkle (if not tear) in my eyes. Because that's how exciting it is to find clothes when you're 6'1" and above. It's earth shattering.

So, for my FIRST Fashion blog post, I want to share an awesome article from this past February InStyle Magazine. Yes the wind is turning and us tall gals are being recognized slowly but surely in the fashion world.

Since this year is all about Empowerment and Comfort in my world, here are

5 Fashion TIPS for Tall Women.

. Get yourself a good seamstress, even for H&M items. Meaning you must be comfortable in ALL your garments, wether fancy and expensive or a plain dress from TopShop. You end up saving money that way because you will purchase only what you need and work it and stop buying another piece to make up for the previous f**k up. That dress that is simply a long T-shirt on you needs its hem let out. Do it, your legs are long enough! That DVF wrap-dress, lower the belt. It changes the whole look with that simple move from quirky and weird to oooh, you're a DVF offspring of feminine power.

. Find a shoe cobbler. Bless them. They're far and wide in between, it's a dying breed of humans but once you find one, bless him and keep them shoes coming to be widen. When you're a size 11-12-13, you got big feet. Well, not necessarily compared to your height, but so often the design is not perfected once the shoes size go up in the stratosphere. It feels like they just abandon all reason and just lengthen the shoes instead of proportionally creating a proper shoe to fit a bigger foot. Very similar to just adding length and calling a piece Tall. Adding length to pants doesn't help. The whole piece needs to be taller and configured differently so as to fit a longer waist/crutch, longer calves etc.

I have spent many years of my life walking in shoes that were simply too small. Either the heel of the foot was sticking out from the stilettos or the entire foot would be squooshed in small boots, even leading me to see a podiatrist at some point because of major foot pain. Sneakers fashion is a Life Saver! Thank you Millennials for bringing this style back to life.

. Be intransigent. Ooh, I'm so happy auto-correct didn't correct that french word I just used, thinking no way this word would be english or correctly spelled. But it is:-)

Learn not to compromise any more on length, feel, comfort and cut. I would have saved so much money had I learned that BIG TRICK from the start. No, you're NOT going to fit better in this jacket once you bring it home. Your shoulders will not miraculously shrink and your arms will still look like a puppet. So why bring it home? Oh, because you think if you'd only loose a couple pounds, you'd actually fit in it later?

. Find your brands. For high end, I recommend digging deep into Net-A-Porter and Moda Operandi. Some shoes even go up to size 43 but now 42 exists-ish.

ML in custom Safiyaa Jumpsuit at the Angel Ball 2018

For custom-made, I am in love with Safiyaa jumpsuits and Jitrois leather jeggings. I mean, leather that actually fits!?

Zara, H&M (Tall), TopShop (Tall) and Forever 21 (yes you heard me) are perfect for rummaging through. Up to 6'3" you can find some pieces there.

And if you need to go to Tall Brands, try Height Of Fashion (our Podcast guest this week; sorry hurry on down there to get your 20% discount using TFACTOR code at checkout) and Long Tall Sally (they even have Karl Lagerfeld which is perfect for work).

. Find your uniform. That doesn't mean stop having fun with clothes. Albeit, there's still not that much fun to be had with Tall Fashion clothes. But what I mean is once you get rid of all the stuff that doesn't really fit your frame, once you break it all down to the essential pieces, once you find your every day uniform and stick to the criteria you make for yourself, anything extra gets major credit. Not only do you clean out the closet of any parasites, you clear the mind of clutter and focus on what really work for your body.

6'3" L'wren Scott's style and demeanor is missed.

The divinely stylish L'wren Scott was one of the only women designers I looked up to, quite literally as she was 6'3", and figuratively. She was the apotheosis of chic with an impressive collection of jewelry and brooches to complement her looks.

I met her once in Paris at an event with Mick Jagger. I am rarely impressed or star struck, but I must say I was so impressed by her, walking around the room so lanky, skinny and so very tall. I was probably 22 years old and I couldn't fathom someone so tall could be so stylish and pretty. Where did she get her sense of fashion? How can she be so feminine, I thought. How come I'm not like that, I lamented.

I found out she had to learn how to saw her own clothes in her mormon adoptive family because she was standing at 6ft tall at 12 years old, just as I was before starting the hormone therapy. That evening, I was wearing kitten heels and she was wearing elegant mules. My eyes were at her eye-level, which was as I think of it now, the first time I ever looked at a woman straight forward instead of tipping down. I told her something about her height, I can't recall exactly what to which she replied with surprise in her tone that she has no problem with her height. I felt like a little mouse, about to burst out into tears not quite understanding what I was seeing. A proud, confident, standing-tall elegant woman. What a shock indeed it was.

I don't own any of her clothes but I feel I now want to go on a hunt for them. Her clothes can be found on TheRealReal but it ain't the same. Last week would have been her 55th birthday.

Would someone please take over her iconic brand with the tall frame in mind!!?!

With love,


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