"MarieLine Grinda is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Linda Shine, Music of life magazin


It's MarieLine. I’m a songwriter by trade, a singer by heart and all-around explorer of the human condition. 

I have realized in my own journey to figure it all out that there’s a T-Factor in all of us that makes us stand out. Mine is pretty obvious, it’s Tall. 

Being very tall has shaped the person that I am today and inevitably the choices have made in my life. I am passionate about sharing experiences and Tips on how to Transform our lives to become our Truest selves. 

In this space, we'll will be rounding up our world to many T's with fun and interesting blog posts and the T-Factor Podcast.

What is your T-Factor? I want to know.                                                                                     




MarieLine is a multi-faceted artist from France who has worked in film and TV, theater and modeling in her home country and the US. Now living the life of a busy working mom in New York City, she juggles her time carefully to create a better world to live in. For herself, her family and others.

ML’s music spans several genres from Electro to Pop and is a mix of power and weakness. Power of the female spirit and sensuality of womanhood and weakness of profound doubt and unfulfilled desires. Her music reflects her empathy and depth of emotions from downright funny to various levels of darkness.

She caught the writing bug as a teenager in her hometown of Nice, channeling her angst over her battles with her unusual height and family struggles into words, a melody, and a rhythm. At 6ft2”, she’s had to live in a world that constantly reminded her she didn’t fit in. She’s struggled for a big part of her life with body-image and, more practically, to find clothes that fit her frame. 

ML is determined to bring about a shared experience with her blog and podcast on what it takes to overcome being different. She is fascinated about people who dare to live authentically and in her pursuit to doing just that herself, she hopes to help others find their truth, their T-Factor.




Dare to be your truest self!

-MarieLine Grinda

Welcome to the T-Factor Podcast showcasing 


Talented and Tenacious women and men who dare to be true to who they are.


This podcast is filled with candid discussions about what it takes to over come difference with tales of personal experiences told by awesome, inspiring people.

In ML's first series for this podcast, the focus will lie on the thing she knows best, and that's being very tall. As a French woman at over 6ft1", she has had to live in a world that felt at times it didn't fit. Ironically, she had to learn how to stand tall and accept her differ

How does it define them to be different?

Let’s find out!


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